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Press Release 1/2012


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We Need Alternative Banks!

"To end human rights abuse and environmental damage, financial institutions and policy makers should commit themselves to binding regulations that adequately address environmental and human rights issues. They should also increase control, inspection criteria, and sanction mechanisms for financial transactions.
Barbara Happe (urgewald)
in: DIRTY PROFITS. Report on Companies and Financial Institutions Benefiting from Violations of Human Rights, Dezember 2012
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Counterproposals submitted by Ethical Shareholders Germany to Deutsche Bank Annual General Meeting in Frankfurt on May 31
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Press Release No. 1
New campaign coalition - We Need Alternative Banks!
Facing warmonger, hunger makers and gamblers

The new civic coalition, "We Need Alternative Banks!" turns against irresponsible banking business. Financing of both weapon production and nuclear power as well as speculation in agricultural commodities and essential supplies should disappear from banks' portfolio. The campaign coalition of Dachverband der Kritischen Aktionäre, Facing Finance, foodwatch, Ohne Rüstung Leben and urgewald is now taking action against warmongers, hunger makers and gamblers and demands a clear regulation of the financial industry.


"There are many banks responsible for the financial and sovereign debt crisis", Markus Dufner, coordinator of the campaign says. "We demand a new business model from the banks. A business model with priority on humans, environmental issues and the common good over ambitious profitability targets. We need again bankers with principles instead of unscrupulous bankers who only have bonuses in mind."


"In particular, Deutsche Bank in many sectors participates in ethically and ecologically irresponsible business", Barbara Happe from the environmental and human rights organisation urgewald and Thomas Küchenmeister from Facing Finance clarify their position. "Despite their announcement to withdraw from financing of cluster munitions, Deutsche Bank keeps granting loans to producers of cluster munitions, issuing bonds and holding shares in companies that produce these anti-human products."


Matthias Wolfschmidt, deputy managing director of the consumer rights organisation foodwatch, criticises the ongoing PR tricks of Deutsche Bank. "Deutsche Bank needs to decide: either it lives up to its own social claim and stops speculation in agricultural commodities; or it keeps acting like a price driver for basic food commodities, thus being a hunger maker. It is dishonest to sell rejection of new exchange-traded investment products based on basic food commodities as great advance, but at the same time keep selling the existing products and therefore aggravate the hunger crisis in the World."


With the initiative "Stop Deutsche Bank with a share!“ and with a wide range of supporters, the coalition wants to put the bank under pressure and will lend weight to its claims at the Annual General Meeting in Frankfurt on 31 May. "We will present an unadorned balance sheet of the Ackermann Era and call the new board to turn the gamblers' stock corporation into a bank based on ethical and ecological principles", Dufner says. "It is to be feared that the new board members – co-chairman Anshu Jain and the chairman of the supervisory board, Paul Achleitner – will further expand the investment banking."


The coalition explains how the initiative "Stop German Bank with a share!" works by saying that those who wish to participate in the initiative, should open a custody account, buy a Deutsche Bank share and come to the AGM in Frankfurt. Those shareholders who do not want to participate in the AGM can send their admission ticket with a signed authorisation ("delegation of proxy rights") to the campaign coalition.

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